Monday, August 17, 2009

We have a wedding website

So with all the planning of a wedding...I decided to help keep everyone informed with a wedding website. Please feel free to visit it anytime and hopefully I will be better at putting up new information on it better than I am on my blog!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I said "YES"

On Wednesday june 24th, Brent and I flew to Destin, Florida to have a mini vacation with his parents, brother/sister-in-law/their 2 kids, and her parents. We arrived around 11 am. We immediately got right down to the beach and stayed for a few hours and had a blast.

We then came up stairs to start getting ready for dinner, when after I took my shower and was starting to get dressed, I plopped down on the I was laying there, Brent got on the floor at the edge of the bed.....and Asked me to MARRY him!!!!! Of course I cried...and of course I said YES!!!!!

He then introduced me to his parents as the newest addition to their family. It was very sweet and very welcoming. We went out to dinner to celebrate...They all had seafood...I had fried green tomatoe's....

The rest of the week/weekend was fabulous! We stayed out at the beach during the days and just relaxed...I got to walk 45 minutes in the sand to see Katie Green, Morgan, and Kelly. Then Thursday night we met up with Judith and Allen for a late dinner and they got to meet Brent for the first time. It is so amazing how I had such good friends in Destin the same time I was there.

I am now planning a wedding! It is alot of decisions...decisions that I am not good at. We havent picked a date or venue or city or state for that matter yet, but hopefully soon we will and I will def let you all know...

have a great week!

Monday, June 22, 2009

What's been going on....

Yes I know I have been out of the blogging world for a while....but I didnt feel as though I really had anything to I thought I would fill you in on what has been going on in my life..

Police Officer Ryan made a comment about me on his blog...and without him knowing anything.....he is completely correct.

In Dec. Big Chris and Leslie set me up on a blind date...It was Leslie's birthday party and she was having alot of friends come out to celebrate...and she told me all about this guy named Brent (really at first I thought she kept saying Brett, so I called him that for about a week or so... ha ha). He got there at the restaurant...and we talked the whole was perfect....This is a pic from the night we met!

He traveled to Arkansas for Christmas and I stayed in Dallas working thru the holidays, but we kept talking and texting. When he got back after Christmas we went to The Melting Pot for our first official date..had a blast...talked the whole time....the next day was New Years Eve...we went downtown...saw a concert (Cross Canadian Ragweed)..and watched fireworks at was a fairy tale date...and we have been together ever since.

My parents came to visit me (humm humm meet this boy in my life!!!) in June, and we traveled Dallas...became tourists...and chilled out...We even had a blast playing wii bowling at my apartment (I won big time!!!!)..Mom and dad loved hanging out with Brent..and I am pretty sure he enjoyed them as well!!!

Months ago, Brent invited me to be his date to his cousin Lauren's wedding in Arkansas.
I got to meet his WHOLE entire family...and I loved them all. We had the best time and I felt very welcomed! The picture above was taken by his mom at the rehearsal dinner.

Brent and I are traveling in 2 days to Destin, Fl to meet up with his parents/brother/sister-in-law/neice/nephew/his brother's in-laws...for a family vacation. I love the beach...and I love how great with this trip be...He hasnt been to the beach since Spring Break '97 so he is really excited about having a relaxing trip....

well that pretty much sum's up my last few months...told ya not really exciting to talk about and blog about every day/week/month...but I wanted to fill ya in...have a great summer...and maybe I will have other things to talk about soon....

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


ok so I have said that when I have something important to say I will blog about it...well here it in Dallas a few weeks ago there have been alot of women who have been attacked and their cars have been stolen. So I took precausions and bought a key chain thing of pepper spray. So tonight I finally opened the package and started putting the sprayer on my keyring. Well I was playing around with the safety to make sure I knew how to actually use it in case of an emergency. Well guess what....IT SPRAYED IN THE SINK!!!! and bc I was standing near the sink I got sprayed. This STUFF works...and it hurts...I started crying (my eyes were watering) the pepper was making me cough so HARD! I went to get my inhaler (bc I a asmatic) and I have been keeping a wet towel over my face so I could breath without breathing in the pepper. I mean you can feel the pepper going thru your skin! it hurts...I called police officer Ryan to see what he could tell me about getting over being sprayed, but he didnt answer. I guess I will just have to go thru this alone...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I kinda forgot!

well I have gotten a few messages from some (uhhhhuuuuummm POLICE OFFICER RYAN) that I have not blogged since Dec. I know this....I am sorry....I kinda forgot that I had a blog there for a while....With the holidays coming and going, it has been really uneventful for me so I dont really have any stories or pictures to put up! but hopefully soon I will have something worth blogging about again, I am sorry, I will do better I promise....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What am I doing wrong?

Ok so since I switched to blogspot I am finding it very hard to navigate...Does anyone else have this problem?...when I got to add a picture, I click on the place where I want the picture to go, but it always uploads it and puts it at the very top, so then I have move it each time and it messes up my paragraphs and then it adds alot of space between each one..what am I doing wrong, can some of you pro's help me out...Thanks...

Momma came to visit

Mom got here in Dallas last Friday while I was still working. I knew she was going to be here for 5 days so I became a travel agent/events coordinator and I planned our whole time together. I literally has a schedule for where we will go and what we will do, I was very planned thanks to

On Sat morning, I had to work, but when I got off we got dressed and we drove to Ft. Worth.
It is known for its Stockyards and texas long horns. We got there, had lunch, and then we shopped just a bit, but I wasnt really in the need for a giant belt buckle or spurs... so we didnt buy anything. At 4 pm a herd of cattle parade is planned everyday so we waited on the side of the street to see this big event...well here is a pic...

if you blinked I promise you would miss it...but it was neat to see!

Then mom and I walked around to see the other shops and then later on that night at 8 pm we went to the rodeo that they have each weekend. Luckily the weather was about 74 or so all day so we werent cold, but we were nervous about sitting out in the cold for the rodeo, but when we went inside the colosium we noticed it was indoors so we were very excited!!!! Thanks Ft. Worth

then on Sunday we had to get my phone fixed and we had great Italian food. Then mom went with me to work and she met the family and we had a great night.

Monday I had also planned a whole day's worth of activities. We drove to Grapevine to shop at some outlets called Grapevine Mills (it is the same concept as Discover Mills). We then headed over to the Gaylord Texan Resort (which is the same concept and company as Oprayland Resort). Well they really decorate the building crazy for Christmas conplete with a giant gingerbread house, and 2 reindeer's and of course a real Mrs. Clause. In this hotel there is an ice exhibit right now.
It is a 14,000 square foot building that is decorated with over 2 million lbs of pure ice (that is how the radio promoted it). We walked in and they give you a giant blue parka to put o. (oh I also forgot to tell you that from Sunday night to monday the weather dropped from 74 degrees to 28!!!) So as we were walking thru the ice exhibit the room was held at 9 degrees to make sure the ice does not melt. *as an added note, I will say mom loves ice sculptures, on all her cruises I feel as though she comes home with more ice pictures than she does of the beaches and she jokes that she wants ice sculptures for my wedding reception when ever that happens*but anyways the ice sculptures were unbelievable *I will have pics, but they are on mom's camera, I will get them soon*. After the Ice exhibit, we were driving home and a friend of mine sent me a text message saying he was going to the Mav's game...Mom said "what is a mav game?" I told her it was Dallas' basketball team, so she said I love basketball, so we went to see about getting tickets at last minute. We found free parking and then walked right up to the door and bought tickets from a guy. When we got inside we were actually in the highest of highest nose bleeds...The Mav's lost, but it was a good game! (it was mom's first professional basketball game!)

Tuesday we met a friend of mine for lunch because I wanted her and mom to meet, and then we had massages later that day. I have a usual person that I go to each time, his name is Jordan. He is so great, that I wanted to give him to mom for part of her Christmas. He thought that was funny that I told him, I am giving you to my mom for Christmas. Our massages were so fabulous, and then the rest of the night we just chilled out and then we watched Mamma Mia in bed!

Wednesday ended by us sleeping in, and running a few last minute arrands, and than I took mom to the airport. It was sad to have her go, but we had such a great week together! Thanks mom for coming to visit, thanks Dad for letting me borrow mom for a week! Loveya...